Katalin Farnady: Annapolis, Maryland Interior Designer

katalin farnady

Annapolis, Maryland Interior Designer

Through a discovery-driven process and close working relationship, Katalin strives to uncover her clients' personal style and tell their unique stories. She believes in starting every project with a strong foundation, honoring design principles, architecture, and history. In doing so, she’s able to push boundaries while honoring traditional design aesthetics and her client’s design vision.

Katalin's work is inspired by art, furniture, fashion, and her world travels, resulting in sophisticated, functional design. Her bold approach with fabrics, patterns, and furniture will create an unforgettable journey in any room or space. As a risk-taker, you can expect the unexpected with Katalin Farnady.

Born and raised in the capital city of Hungary, Katalin Farnady developed her interest for style, design and architecture at an early age. After graduating from business school in Hungary, Katalin moved to the United States and has been designing residential and commercial interiors in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas for the past 19 years. 

Katalin graduated with honors from Budapest Business School, AACC and Marymount University in Arlington, and became a member of the American Society of Interior Designers in 2002. Katalin has been awarded by and featured in many publications in the design industry. Attending various lectures on design development in the United States and outside of the country helps her monitor the continuous evolution of the design world. 

Katalin's passion is design, but her heart belongs to her husband and three daughters. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting art galleries, strolling through antique and vintage markets, traveling the world, and cooking and entertaining. Outside of the office, she is constantly soaking in unique design, structural shapes, and historical architecture in the world around her to draw inspiration for her next project. 


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