Katalin Farnady has a razor-sharp vision of a project’s goal. She has a very organized approach, strong work ethic, creative ideas… and a great sense of humor! Katalin has great resources, lots of energy, and is very versatile in her knowledge and application of design styles and trends.

Katalin is also full service! There isn’t anything in the designing and furnishing of a space that she isn’t completely qualified and enthusiastic about providing… and she is so much fun to work with!

Katalin Farnady is powerfully creative and full of compelling ideas. My husband and I took on the daunting task of rebuilding and completely renovating a home. Katalin was recommended by our architect. She took control of the project with us— from the exterior architectural components throughout every inch of the interior elements. The home turned out more thrilling than anything we could have imagined. Katalin’s guidance, expertise, strong work ethic, and great taste helped us complete the project far beyond our original expectations.

Katalin Farnady approaches a house as a guest would: with each room being a visual treat to discover. She feels each room should have something unexpected, delighting or intriguing. She works very hard to avoid formulaic designs. You will not walk into 2 spaces that she has designed and find similar items.

Katalin Farnady is extremely well traveled and spends a lot of time in Europe and New York looking for new ideas and pieces to relish. Yet, she listens to her clients and can work in any style and any style house. She can elevate how you feel in your living space in ways you did not expect. She has done that for me. I think of her every time someone delights in my house and how it looks.

Here in Annapolis, Katalin is supportive of the arts and small business suppliers. She is a designer that uses original art pieces at her sites. She routinely hosts meetings, lectures and talks around town, and has played a key role in the burgeoning art culture in town. I regard her as an independent artist with community vision. As an Annapolitan, I am proud she is flourishing here and hope she never leaves. I, and the town, would miss her presence and what she brings to our community.

Katalin’s exceptional service and professionalism is beyond compare.  She provides unique designs and never pushes me in one direction or the other.  She never disappoints and always exceeds my expectations.

Thank you so much for your major contribution to my new practice. I have you to thank for the perfect logo, gorgeous interior, and ongoing advice. You really helped me get in touch with the “feel” that is perfect for me and really tapped into my own creative instincts. The whole process has been so exciting... and therapeutic! Thank you!

We have been using Farnady Interiors for almost 10 years and we couldn't be happier!  We started with small space makeovers and ultimately built our own house.  Katalin was with us from beginning to end.  She takes pride in her work and communicates with all the contractors so things are not only built well, but look amazing!   I trust Katalin enough to take me out of my comfort zone and am always thrilled at the results.  Katalin designs are functional yet creative and unique!

Blank. The world's canvas was blank. Once you came, everything changed. You painted the canvas with life. You splattered the canvas with joy. You sketched the canvas with personality. Because of you, everything changed. Including my world.

I walk into my office every day and PINCH myself! You did such an amazing job matching the space to my personality and energy. I am grateful every day for your contribution to this new step in my life.

Katalin Farnady came in to my life at a time when I was down sizing and had moved across town. Katalin provided the professionalism, insight and support important to me at the time as I was starting over in a new community and living in a a condo for the first time in many years.  Most importantly, she listened, guided me and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, which I have never regretted.  Quality, comfort and the feeling of peace when I came home was my goal;  together we achieved that goal and more.Besides having the exceptional qualities you look for in an interior designer, Katalin is a wonderful and kind human being,  someone I now consider a friend and will continue to call upon for advice because I trust her and know she has my best interest in mind.

Katalin is without doubt on the cutting edge of design, encouraging one to step out of their box, and take a chance with a new change.  Her philosophy, spirit and enthusiasm shows in every step of the project from beginning to end.  She is encouraging, flexible and highly knowledgable with new ideas, combinations and design.  I truly love every part of our home, and people are so enthused when they enter our home and always in awe.  Katalin is punctual, flexible and always willing to work with my thoughts or concerns.  Our home is truly a testament to the high quality design of Farnady Interiors, and I am thrilled with it all.  Simply breathtaking.

Katalin Farnady brought a truly unique design to our house. She has the ability to mix modern and antique to deliver an individual space which is both comfortable and functional. Katalin ideas are progressive and she is open to incorporate our thoughts with her design. Katalin gets immersed with her clients and at times we think she knows our house better than us. Katalin made every minute of the design process so enjoyable for us. Thank you!

Working with Katalin Farnady of Farnady Interiors was wonderful because she wouldn't just come up with a design that worked for us but she would find a way to incorporate things that were important to us. She made sure to find special places to our collections and our family heirlooms. Now, to me, that is a good designer. She makes her designs very individual, very special and very personable. I enjoy and love my home. Thank you Katalin!

When we decided to redesign and update our office, we knew immediately which interior designer we wanted to use. Katalin Farnady was able to envision our goals and create an office space that is inviting to all of our patients and families. She has the expertise and skill to achieve our objective of making our office a practical yet comfortable and quite a unique environment. Her attention to detail and her approach allows her to get things done in a timely fashion. With her outgoing and warm personality, she is extremely easy to work with and is well versed in all areas of design. So many of our patients and their families have commented on how beautiful the office looks. We look forward to our continued working relationship with Katalin in all of our future projects.

Our 5 year old custom home has been a complete dream come true and I feel a large part of that is due to the fabulous interior design we have enjoyed. Each time I look around I admire so many things that Katalin Farnady guided us towards. Our home has such a comfortable feel with a cohesive flow about it that was tough to conquer without Katalin's design skills. Not only is Katalin a very talented designer, she is thoughtful and very fun to work with! Thank you for all the wonderful choices you encouraged me to go make!